Monday, March 20, 2006

The USS Germantown

Three US warships left the Australian coastline around 5pm on Saturday afternoon, only hours before their scheduled docking in Townsville, one of the many towns expected to be directly affected by the incoming cyclone.

The USS Peleliu, USS Ogden and USS Germantown, carrying more than 4000 sailors and servicemen, staged a quick turnaround on Saturday and steamed well clear of Cyclone Larry.

No official announcement has been made as to whether they will make their servicemen and equipment available to help out with the post-Cyclone Larry rescues and evacuations.

The Townsville Bulletin reported on Sunday, "the three vessels were sailing out to sea, believed to be headed for Singapore."

Townsville bars, clubs, hotels and restuarants had expected the US servicemen to spend some two million dollars while they were in port. Most of the venues had expected to be fully booked over the coming days, but now they will likely play host to the evacuees pouring in from the cyclone affected areas.