Sunday, March 26, 2006


From ABC News : "More than 200 people have attended a thanksgiving service in the Innisfail Council Chambers, almost a week after cyclone Larry struck far north Queensland.

"Innisfail residents and recovery volunteers tramped across carpets still wet from last Monday to attend the ecumenical service.

"The Queensland Premier Peter Beattie and the head of the reconstruction task force General Peter Cosgrove were also present.

"In a voice trembling with emotion, Johnstone Shire Mayor Neil Clarke told the service that the hundreds of volunteers who had come to assist had become friends of the community.

"'Through the generosity of others and the resilience of all who live and love our community, this disaster hasn't changed our lives forever,' he said.

Mr Clarke told the gathering it is hard to believe that just a week ago, Innisfail was celebrating its local festival, The Feast of the Senses.

"'Just 24 hours later we stood in disbelief,' he said. 'Our beautiful shire was no more. I have never experienced such a horrific event and I pray none of us will ever do it again. Our planning and your preparation, and by the good grace of God, we all survived.'"