Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cyclone Tracey's path of destruction in Darwin, 1974.

Cyclone Justin (Cat 2)) struck Cairns, QLD, in March 1997, killing two people.

Cyclone Winifred (Cat 3) struck Innisfail, QLD, in Fenruary 1986, killing three people.

Cyclone Justin (Cat 2) struck Cairns, QLD, March 1997, killing 7 people.

Cyclone Bobby (Cat 4), struck Onslow, WA, February 1995, killing 7 people.

Cyclone Ada (Cat 4) struck Whitsundays, QLD, Janaury 1970, killing 14 people.

Cyclone 'Great Hurricane', struck Darwin, NT, January 1897, kill 28 people.

Cyclone (unnamed) (Cat 4), struck Mackay, QLD, January 1918, killing 30 people.

Cyclone (unnamed) (Cat 1) struck Broome, WA, December 1908, killing 50 people.

Cyclone Tracey (Cat 4) struck Darwin, WA, Christmas Day 1974, killing 68 people.

Cyclone Mahina (Cat 5) struck Cape Melville, QLD, in March 1889, killing 400 people.

Source : The Bulletin magazine.

Good round-up story as well in this week's The Bulletin on Cyclone Larry's impact on Queenslanders. Article also includes some more amazing survival tales :

“When the eye of the storm came, we went into the carpark and just stood there, looking at all the damage. It was quiet and really eerie.

“There was just nothing – no wind, no rain. I went out the front and all you could see was debris everywhere. There was just total calm for about 20 minutes, and then it all started again.”