Thursday, March 23, 2006


Queensland blogger Tanya has compiled a 'Top 13 List Of Things I Hate About Cyclone Larry'.

Here's five of them :

"The cyclone panic that hit the shops. People scrambling for ice cream is DUMB! What good is ice cream when you have no electricity for five days?"

"The people at work who thought a little flooding shouldn't keep me from work. There was no flooding, but I didn't go to work."

"The devastation that Larry left. I think everyone in this region now knows of someone who has lost everything."

"The petrol stations that increased their fuel prices by 10 cents per litre from Saturday. Trust the petrol companies to start rubbing their hands together greedily in the face of others' misfortune."

"The fact that the Bruce Highway is flooded again and the government STILL won't do anything about it. We are not a developing country, but sometimes I think we are when, every time it rains up here, the highway gets cut by flood waters. This is the tropics. We have a wet season. Which means rain. And the highway is the only direct link between the towns in the north. Why do the pathetic decision making government people neglect us and refuse to fix that road so that a little rain does not leave us stranded?"

An excellent list from Tanya, and well worth checking out.